BBCOR Bat Rankings

Over the past 4 years, we've had the privilege of swinging nearly every BBCOR baseball bat on the market. To quantify our experience with each bat, we put together a rating system that scores each bat with 3 different attributes (all equally important): SWEET SPOT, POWER, and SWING WEIGHT.
You'll notice that the highest rated bat on this list is only a '24' out of 30 total points - and that's because there is no such thing as a perfect bat when it comes to -3 BBCOR. Every bat is going to have to compromise in at least one category.
Many BBCOR bats are very similar (as you'll see in these ratings) but there are currently over FIFTY bbcor bats available for purchase by about 20 different bat companies - so there ends up being quite a bit of diversity/nuance between BBCOR bats.
And keep in mind that we've only included bats that are currently available for purchase (new) or are still actively in production. We all love the 2019 Meta Prime, 2013 Easton XL3, & 2012 TPX Z1000 - but hyping up those used beat-up bats up isn't doing anybody any good when they're listed for ridiculous prices on eBay.


1) Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR

2) Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid BBCOR

3) Rawlings Icon BBCOR

4) Louisville Slugger Select Pwr BBCOR

5) Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR

6) DeMarini The Goods BBCOR

7) Marucci CatX Connect BBCOR

8) Stinger Nuke 3 BBCOR

9) DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR

10) Marucci CatX2 Connect BBCOR

11) Victus Pencil 1-Piece BBCOR

12) Marucci CatX BBCOR

13) Stinger Guardian BBCOR

14) DeMarini The Goods 1-Piece BBCOR

15) Marucci CatX2 BBCOR

16) 2025 Soldier Tank BBCOR

17) Warstic Bonesaber BBCOR

18) Victus Vandal LEV3 BBCOR

19) 44 Pro Alloy XP BBCOR

20) Combat B2 ATB BBCOR

21) Easton Mav1 BBCOR

22) Marucci Cat6 BBCOR

23) Easton Maxum / Combat B2 Ultra BBCOR

24) Stinger Missile S BBCOR

25) Rawlings MACH AI BBCOR

26) Stringking Metal 2 / Metal 2 Pro BBCOR


28) Warstic Gunner BBCOR

29) Victus Nox BBCOR

30) Victus Pencil Hybrid BBCOR

31) Axe Strato BBCOR

32) Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR

33) Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR

34) Stringking Metal / Metal Pro BBCOR

35) Marucci F5 BBCOR

36) Easton Rope BBCOR

37) Louisville Slugger Meta PWR BBCOR

38) DeMarini Voodoo 2-Piece BBCOR

39) Axe Avenge Hybrid BBCOR

40) Dirty South Bravo BBCOR

41) Warstic Warhawk3 BBCOR 

42) DeMarini CF BBCOR

43) Easton B5 BBCOR

44) Easton Split BBCOR

45) Easton Encore Hybrid BBCOR

46) Marucci CatX Composite BBCOR 

47) Dove Tail / ProXR Tremor BBCOR

48) Marucci Cat9 Composite BBCOR

49) Easton Quantum BBCOR

50) DeMarini Zoa BBCOR

51) Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR

52) Axe Avenge Pro Composite BBCOR

53) Rawlings Quatro Max BBCOR

54) Louisville Slugger Vapor BBCOR

TBD) 2023 Mizuno Duality BBCOR

TBD) Tucci Roma BBCOR

TBD) Mizuno Pwr Carbon BBCOR

TBD) Tucci Torino BBCOR

TBD) 2024 Mizuno Hot Metal BBCOR